Sea Salt Scrub

30 minutes

Sea salt scrubs are nature`s way offering you the richest minerals, which calm, estimate

rejuvenate and relax tiered muscles and leave your skin naturally soft and silky

after each treatment, you will experience nothing but a well balanced body and silky smooth skin.

Nature Scrub

45 minutes

Combination of natural coconut and yogurt which gently removes impurities & toxins

from the skin and enhanced blood flow to the skins surface.

Coffee Body Scrub

45 minutes

The pursuit of beauty was a long daily ritual for brides, each day they would

experience this aromatic treatment leaving the skin soft.

Javanese Lulu

60 minutes

Traditional Javanese herbals to exfoliate your skin followed by full body mask

with the mixture of cinna-mon, yogurt and sandalwood oil, this treatment

gives softness and refreshes the skin.

Moroccan Bath

60 minutes

Start with soap for deep cleaning and removing dead skin with help of

special globe followed by mud mask which gives the skin all vitamins and minerals.

Indian Hair and Scalp Treatment

30 minutes

Relax as your therapist run their fingers through sections of hair applying

warm oils and a heated towels leaving the scalp refreshed and hair nourished.

Soft Body Treatment

45 minutes

This traditional beauty treatment provides a stimulating and refreshing

cleansing for the skin to improve circulation and skin tone.

Chocolate Mask

50 minutes

Can be used in isolation to remove dead skin or dry skin or sa preparation for other treatments

includes a chocolate mask and facial massage.